Find out about the spectrum of people affected by Alport syndrome.

See how chronic inflammation contributes to declining kidney function in patients with Alport syndrome.

Take a deeper dive into the possible inheritance patterns of Alport syndrome.

Episode 1: The Link Between Collagen Mutations and Inflammation in Alport Syndrome

In the debut episode of Look Beneath the Surface: An Expert Dive into Alport Syndrome, Dr George Bakris is joined by Dr Joshua Zaritsky to discuss the link between inherited genetic defects and the inflammation and fibrosis that drive disease progression in Alport syndrome.

Episode 2: The Impact of COL4A Genotype on Disease Severity

In this episode of Look Beneath the Surface: An Expert Dive into Alport Syndrome, Dr George Bakris welcomes Dr Jochen Reiser for a close look at what COL4A genotyping can tell us about the course and impact of Alport syndrome for both patients and their families. Additional resources are available through the Alport Syndrome Foundation at

Additional resources

Alport Syndrome foundation

Alport Syndrome Foundation is a patient-led nonprofit providing free resources for patients, families, professionals, and researchers.

American Society of Nephrology

Find out more about Alport syndrome and other kidney diseases with resources from the American Society of Nephrology.

National Kidney Foundation

Explore more information and resources about Alport syndrome and other chronic kidney diseases from the National Kidney Foundation.

Highlight Alport syndrome by recognizing the following signs:

  • Persistent Hematuria
  • Underlying Inflammation
  • Reduced GFR
  • Family History of CKD or Alport Syndrome

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